Summary of changes for version 1.5.0

If you are upgrading from a previous version you will need to do the following: 

~$ cat squert/.scripts/squert.sql | mysql -uroot -p -U sguildb

~$ mysql -N -B -uroot -p -e "GRANT INSERT,UPDATE ON sguildb.object_mappings TO 'squert_user'@'localhost';"

I have moved the page refresh button so that it sits with the other interface controls; a more effective indicator has been added to it as well. There is a new control that will let you collapse the side and bottom bars (to the left of the refresh button).

When clicked the view will look like this

Colours can now be assigned to objects within the interface from the drop down menu

The colours are applied immediately

and also carry over into the summary tab

Anyway, Enjoy!